Spiky Box


Every time the ball touches the geometric figure, the position and the number of spikes changes. Rotate the figure and don’t let your ball be broken by a spike!

Geometry and minimalism

Each level of the game opens a new geometric shape, inside which the ball will bounce: a square, a hexagon, octagon and more complex polygons. Catch bonuses, that will help to survive or on the contrary will make it a really hard game. Collect points by helping the ball to bounce through spikes, open up new levels and balls.

Relax and travel

Escape the daily routine, travel around the world, enjoying natural sounds of nature. Each geometric shape is a different natural area with its own fantastic music and colorful landscapes. City, Forest, Desert, Jungle… Where will you relax your brain? Maybe send the zen-ball to the Pole?

Your new time killer

While people around you can’t stop matching balls in an endless «three in a row» game, you are already in a green forest, calmly leading your bouncing ball with a little fox on it through spikes, listening to the birds singing.

A new indie casual arcade game, that calms your nerves and provides excellent relaxation for your eyes and ears with beautiful music and visual.

Release date

Mar 2, 2018


Dmitri Isaenkov

Zakhar Kharchenko
Alibek Kasymhanov

Sound and music
Alexander Ahura